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Nurse Reviews

A nurse review is an important and practical tool used by our clients when they need assistance with direction or education regarding a file. A nurse review can be used on all types of medically related files ranging from the very simple to the extremely complex. Our nurses work with you to provide a retrospective and factual written review and analysis of the medical aspects of your file, making the complex simple. Nurse reviews can help you gain a new perspective regarding the management of your file. Depending on the case and the client, nurse review reports may assist with the following:

  • Chronology of complaints, diagnoses and treatment
  • Time line of relevant facts surrounding the incident or injury
  • Identification of patterns and inconsistencies
  • Review and analysis of causal relationship
  • Identification of pre-existing or co-morbid conditions
  • Research, explanation and discussion of the germane medical issues and facts of the case that may include complications and residuals  
  • Provide a working knowledge of a diagnosis, injury, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology 
  • Explanation of diagnostic studies
  • Identification of areas that need further research
  • Identification of missing medical and general information
  • Identification of gaps in treatment
  • Identification of additional general and medical information that needs to be secured
  • Identification of additional adjunctive or alternative services for file management
  • Clear and concise organization of submitted medical information
  • Preliminary review for merit
  • Making the unmanageable medical file, manageable 

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