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Comprehensive Medical Record Reviews

A comprehensive Medical Record Review (MRR) provides a global perspective and is an excellent resource for gaining a more in depth understanding of the medical aspects of your claim file. A MRR is performed by a Board Certified specialist and is often utilized alone, as a precursor to an Independent Medical Examination or in place of an Independent Medical Examination in the event that an Independent Medical Examination is not feasible or attainable.

A MRR offers a chronological review of all submitted medical information and can aid in addressing any of the following:

  • History of Injury and Treatment
  • Causal relationship of diagnosis to the incident
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Permanency of Injury and Maximum Medical Improvement
  • Documents missing medical information in the file
  • Inconsistencies in subjective complaints or gaps in treatment
  • Inappropriate referrals for medical treatment
  • Medical necessity, duration and frequency of treatment
  • Recommendations for an Independent Medical Examination
  • Appropriate specialist for an Independent Medical Examination
  • Aids in pretrial preparation and development of deposition questions

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